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Amerigo Cortina Dressage Saddle

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Product Name: Amerigo Cortina Dressage Saddle

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Peter Menet's first priority as a saddle designer is to create saddles that allow horses to move freely. He accomplishes this by creating saddles that place the weight of the rider further forward than saddles of other manufacturers. Moving the weight forward minimizes strain on the horse's back.

The unique seat profile of Amerigo saddles places your hips in the same position as they would be if you were standing in a balanced position on the ground. You are sitting in a relaxed, balanced way with gravity working in your favor without having to use force to hold your position.

While Menet's design philosophy puts the horse first, it by no means ignores the rider. For Menet, fitting the saddle to horse and rider are inseparable - almost literally the two sides of a coin. "If the horse is comfortable and his movement is unhindered, he is able to perform to the best of his ability." Peter Menet, June 2002

Amerigo saddles and accessories are made with the highest quality, naturally tanned leathers. Some leather care products on the market may not be suitable for use on this type of leather and could be damaging. Amerigo recommends the use of Amerigo's own leather care products which have been specially formulated for use on Amerigo's own leather. Amerigo saddles should be routinely cleaned with Amerigo Soft Clean Soap, with the periodic use of Amerigo Soft Balm Conditioner when required.

Amerigo offers a 5 year guarantee against manufacturer defects on their saddle trees and 2 years on their leather.

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